PSRX Team ready for fifth round in Höljes

Together with their partner Teng Tools, Petter Solberg and his World Rallycross Team are up for revenge after last week's eventful race in Finnish Kouvola where the World Rallycross Championship saw the fourth new winner in as many rounds. Overall, when the fifth round is about to take place in Höljes, Sweden, Petter is in third place after Nitiss and Bakkerud.

Höljes Motor Stadium is situated just over 100 kilometers north of Torsby where PSRX Team has their home base, so this will be the second championship round on homeground for the team. And fairly close to Höljes we also find Hagfors, where Petter has previously participated in – and won – the Swedish Rally. So it is with a familiar feeling that Petter now finds himself back in the forests of Värmland, this time along with team-mate Alexander Hvaal and their two Citroen DS3 RX Supercars. 

The circuit in Höljes is great for action and Petter describes it as a track where something is happening all the way around. As a driver, he really feels that he is getting something back from working hard on this track. This makes for an exciting race where a car in top condition, that matches Petters driving skills, is one of the keys to success. 

Höljes is a place close to heart for Petter and his team. Last year they made it to the final and could have won here. And now that the fifth round of the championships takes place this weekend, Petter and Teng Tools will seize the chance to finish what he started last time. 


Standings after three rounds:


1 Reinis NITISS              96 

2 Andreas BAKKERUD     82 

3 Petter SOLBERG          80 

4 Toomas HEIKKINEN     74 

5 Anton MARKLUND        61 

6 Timmy HANSEN          48 

7 Timur TIMERZYANOV   48 

8 Tanner FOUST             42 

9 Robin LARSSON          25 

10 Henning SOLBERG     22 

11 Derek TOHILL            19 

12 Krzysztof SKORUPSKI 19 

13 Koen PAUWELS          17 

14 Andrew JORDAN        17 

15 Ken BLOCK               17 


World Rallycross Championship Calendar 2014


3-4       May                  Montalegre (Portugal) 

24-25   May                  Lydden Hill (UK) 

14-15   June                 Hell-Lånke (Norway) 

28-29   June                 Kouvola (Finland) 

5-6       July                  Höljes (Sweden) 

12-13   July                  Mettet (Belgium) 

7-8       August              Trois-Rivières (Canada) 

6-7       September        Lohéac (France) 

20-21   September        Buxtehude (Germany) 

27-28   September        Franciacorta (Italy) 

11-12   October             Istanbul Park (Turkey) 

22-23   November         Cordoba or Misones (Argentina) TBC  


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