Triumphant Victory for brilliant Solberg!

December 2nd 2014

Press information from Teng Tools

The first Rally Cross World Championship ended in the same way as it began: with Petter Solberg as winner! This season’s final race established Petter as a world-class driver and his team as a well-tuned crew where both cooperation and equipment work perfectly. This weekend's excellent achievements were a great demonstration of driver skills and also showed the importance of having the right conditions for success.

PSRX has continually developed and improved the car, which of course requires professional tools ready at hand and stored in perfect order. For the finishing round at Rosendo Hernandez Circuit in San Luis, Argentina, the team rebuilt the car to a greater extent than ever during this season. About 40 percent of next season’s new developments were tested – and the outcome was instant.

It’s been a very good season for PSRX and they were the only team to qualify for the final in each and every round. Five wins, including three straight ones, and a total of nine podium placements in the twelve rounds, speaks for itself. The World Champion title was secured in Italy in September when two rounds remained, but to finish the season with a victory like this, is of course a great reward for all the hard and purposeful work that Petter and the rest of the team have put in. It is important for Petter to have dedicated, proficient people around him, and in Argentina he thanked everyone who supported him, for contributing to a great season. 

Now a long winter in the workshop awaits, to lay the foundation for 2015. Rally Cross is a rapidly developing sport and to once more become World Champion will require new, outstanding achievements, innovative solutions and careful preparations. In this, tools and smart storage solutions, which is time saving and facilitates the work, are key factors when a new World Title beckons.

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